The most secure and durable investments have always been in real estate property.  Real estate prices fluctuate from time to time, but over the long-term, real estate properties appreciate in value.  For those investors who want to benefit from real estate in the short term, the income and the security of a mortgage on the real estate property itself might be a wise option.

Blackhawk offers investors the possibility to invest in Canadian mortgages that pay regular cash flow directly to investors.   Every mortgage investment is secured by individually appraised real estate.

Blackhawk can talk directly with accredited investors.  For all other investors, or for investors who want to use their RRSP or TFSA, Blackhawk has developed relationships with fully compliant financial partners that will provide exceptional and predictable returns with varying degrees of risk.

Contact Blackhawk directly, or have your investment advisor talk to us, for further information on investment opportunities.